Urology Surgery

It is the careful exercises for the pelvis-the colon, urogenital, and gynecological organs-principally for the treatment of deterrents, brokenness, malignancies, and incendiary sicknesses. It center around the urinary plots of guys and females, and regenerative organs of guys. Organs under the urology medical procedure are kidney, adrenal organs, urethra, urinary organs, ureters and testicles, epidermis, vas deferens, prostate of male conceptive organs. It is identified with oncology, nephrology and andrology. These days urological methods incorporate advanced mechanics and laparoscopic medical procedure. 

• Vasectomy 

• Cystoscopy 

• Ureteroscopy 

• Lithotripsy 

• Orchiopexy 

• Penile plication 

• Male cirumcision

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